Kathie Oremus
Nationally Certified Sober Companion
                & Recovery Coach 
Providing Addiction Recovery Services to the Families, Friends and Recovery Teams of those in need.

Be hopeful.  

Anyone who finds themselves bound by addiction, of any kind, has their own personal pathway which led them in - and from that, will each one find their own unique and personal pathway out. This new direction, once begun, will afford them, not only freedom from addiction but the means to live a life filled with freedom and personal fulfillment.    


So, be hopeful, because today, there are more custom recovery programs, specialized services, and healing therapies available - all designed to better accommodate your success in achieving life long recovery. 


More than ever before, there is an ever-expanding group of industry professionals who are pushing the outer edges of understanding how addiction is not only treated but defined. The result is saving more lives and restoring more and more of those we love to wellness and living happier, fuller lives. 

Let us help you find the best pathway for success.