Kathie Oremus

Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

Private Family Support Services

Providing alcohol & addiction recovery support services to individuals, families, and their recovery teams.

"I believe there is no greater accomplishment in one's life than

to overcome addiction - a place from which endless possibilities will arise..."

                            author unknown

Be hopeful – Be really hopeful

Every one of us who finds themselves bound by alcoholism or addiction has had their our own personal experiences and pathway which led them in - and each one of us, with help, will find their own unique and personal pathway out.  This new direction of recovery, although challenging at times, will reveal to you a wealth of possibilities you could not yet know. You see, recovery delivers much more than just getting us even – back to our old selves – which would be enough for sure.  Recovery, when we finally commit – will reveal to us, the "us" we've never known. The best version of us. The one that finally fits.  And it matters not from where we come or where we've been, our position in life or age. There is no expiration on happiness, freedom and peace.


So be hopeful, because more than ever before, there is an ever-expanding group of industry professionals and treatment centers that are pushing the outer edges of understanding how addiction is not only treated but defined.  Highly custom programs, innovative treatments and healing therapies will allow you to move through the early stages of detox and into recovery with greater ease, followed up with the most effective aftercare services to ensure a smooth transition and integration back into your new life.


So, be really hopeful and commit yourself to the promise of recovery.  It's real.  

You just have to live it.  

Kathie Oremus, NCSC, NCRC

Email: kathie@fulllifeservices.com

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