Kathie has a genuine passion to help those who find themselves in the grips of addiction. She brings the experience of 30+ years of recovery and the understanding of a wide range of healing and recovery modalities to her role as Recovery Companion and Coach. Kathie has trained with leading and respected industry professionals and holds multiple private industry certifications, allowing her to support your professional team and family through multiple stages of the recovery process. 

As your Recovery Companion, Kathie will quickly gain your confidence as she supports you in re-integrating yourself back into your new life, starting with a smooth transition from your treatment center or detox back into your living environment. She will help you develop new awarenesses to identify obstacles as well as new opportunities for better choices for yourself, all in real-time, where it matters most.  Kathie will support you in re-evaluating your life in a new light - reviewing present-day goals and desires and the options to pursue them. As your partner in problem-solving and ally in recovery, she will keep you on schedule with your doctors and appointments, ensuring the highest level of aftercare services available today. 

Kathie also has a strong background in business, making her a highly sought after Companion to business owners and professionals where demanding schedules, including travel and entertainment, is a necessary part of their lives. Great discretion is always maintained whether she accompanies you on a business trip, social event or a soccer game.

Should you need any recommendations for additional services, Kathie is aligned with some of the industries best.

All recovery modalities honored

Bonded and Insured

Training & Certifications

The Addictions Academy

Trained and Certified by Dr. Cali Estes ​

  • Nationally Certified Sober Companion & Safe Transport

  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

  • Nationally Certified Intervention Professional